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Mar 30, 2014

Konnan, Court Bauer and MSL are back for another shot of MLW Radio talking the latest in the scandalous world of pro wrestling including:


-The road to WrestleMania 30

-Total Divas and reality TV

-Does Konnan watch Total Divas for the romance?

-MLW Radio LIVE returns. Find out when and where on the show!

-ROH goes live...

Mar 28, 2014

"Disco Inferno" Glenn Gilbertti, Konnan and MSL usher in the weekend with the realness. On this MLW VIP exclusive podcast, the three discuss:


-Konnan and Disco review Gigolos with Buff Bagwell

-The time Konnan nearly was shot and robbed by a 12 year old during his time in TNA

-The misery that is hanging around Lex...

Mar 27, 2014

Court Bauer & John Pollock talk their own road to WrestleMania including working on an Evening with Jim Ross next Thursday at the House of Blues in New Orleans plus a huge announcement by Ring of Honor! 

Follow John on twitter @IamJohnPollock and stalk Court @CourtBauer

Mar 27, 2014

This week on The Experience Jim and Alice touch on March Madness, Raw and Snowstorms. Plus, Jim sits down with Cat Collins, the man without whom Smokey Mountain Wrestling would not have existed. Learn the story of how SMW was financed, Rick Rubin's unique look, eating pizza in Kentucky with a vegetarian and more great...

Mar 26, 2014

On today’s MLW VIP exclusive podcast, Court Bauer and MSL have an EXCLUSIVE on a major WWE talent being approached to appear at WrestleMania 30! Plus, Bob Sapp in WWE! Can WWE rehabilitate the Dolph Ziggler character and undo the harm they’ve done with him?  The Shield as a babyface trio act and so much...