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Aug 30, 2016

This week on the Drive-Thru, Jim answers your questions about the Dusty Rhodes-Gary Hart feud, Vince McMahon’s preferences as a barrier to Japanese wrestlers being pushed on the main roster, the exceptions to WWE’s Wellness Policy, Broken Matt Hardy, and more!

Aug 24, 2016

Greeny reunites with one of, if not THE most popular Writers Room guest: former WWE writer and parody Twitter account maestro Robert Karpeles (@wwecreative_ish) to talk SummerSlam and the follow-up Raw. 

Aug 23, 2016

This week on Corny’s Drive-Thru, Jim answers your questions about Gorilla Monsoon, the original plans for the Midnight Express vs. Four Horsemen feud, and much more!

Aug 22, 2016

Matt & Jeremey are back! Back talking about what's going on in the world of indy wrestling!

Aug 18, 2016

Journey back to the beginnings of pro wrestling in Japan as Court Bauer and Matt Farmer chronicle the first and perhaps biggest star in the history of Japanese wrestling, Rikidozan!