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May 31, 2013

Live Audio Wrestling and MLW Radio join forces for a new show every Friday!!


Join John Pollock of the Fight Network & Live Audio Wrestling and TV Producer/former WWE executive Court Bauer as they breakdown the latest news within pro wrestling and MMA.


On this episode:

-Update on Wai Ting’s battle against curry

-Pusha T and Fabolous kickin it in the background?

-WCW 1999

-The new UFC channel

-WWE’s writers room

-WrestleMania buyrate

-SpikeTV blocking a TNA TV project with another cable network

-TNA: the Bermuda Triangle of Wrestling

-SpikeTV’s future

-Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz

-WWE and Hanna-Barbera

-The dead Ultimate Warrior/Cartoon Network TV project

-The Spacecore Holly story

-A Sci-Fi’d up ECW TV pilot

-The popularity of using Growth Hormone in wrestling, MMA and TV/film

-UFC 160

-Josh Barnett

-“Inoki Genome DNA Wrestling”

-Konnan in hiding?!

-A cliffhanger to end the show!

-Plus much, much more!