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Oct 26, 2014

While the CDC investigates MSL’s illness, Konnan and Court Bauer keep it 100 and talk:
  • Hell in a Cell
  • After what Hugo Savinovich said… what’s the latest with Rey Mysterioa leaving WWE?
  • Awkward WWE Mexico City press conference 
  • The struggles people have endured as immigrants coming to the United States
  • What is Konnan eating this week?
  • WWE’s failure to cultivate a new generation of Latin stars
  • Dave Bautista in the new 007 movie
  • Did WWE troll the RKO meme with TOO MUCH RANDY ORTON on RAW?
  • The realities of being Hulk Hogan in 2014
  • The realities of TNA brokering a TV deal and why the next few weeks are CRITICAL for the company
  • RAW using the surprise card a lot lately
  • WWE Network subscription numbers going into Thursday’s WWE call
  • Daniel Bryan’s future
  • Ricochet in Lucha Underground
  • Whack Antonio Peńa gimmick names
  • Hating Ben Affleck
  • The new TV series The Flash!
  • High impact wrestlers evolving their style to adapt to their bodies breaking down
  • Last but not least, can Konnan break his personal record for his “Brother” quota on this podcast? Find out!

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