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Mar 9, 2015

Konnan is back from Mexico after a wild week to discuss the latest in wrestling with Court Bauer and MSL including:

  • Rey Mysterio’s return to AAA
  • Bill DeMott resigns
  • Who is rumored to be attending WaleMania?
  • Is Alberto El Patron injured?
  • Rey de Reyes and AAA TV
  • Has a WWE brand split already gone down?
  • WWE Hall of Fame
  • MSL's strange dojo
  • Is MSL coming to WaleMania?
  • Plus a ton more!
This podcast is presented by WaleMania. Learn about how you can witness a live session of MLW Radio with Rey Mysterio and friends plus chill with Rey at a pre-show cocktail party at  
Also, Wale will perform live!  It goes down March 26th in Santa Clara, CA right next to Levi Stadium - site of WrestleMania 31.  Tickets start at just $15!