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Sep 10, 2012

Our guest this week is the Editor of the Figure 4 Newsletter, the best selling author of The Death of WCW, a former wrestler, a BJJ trainer, an ordianed minister and the leader of the F4W~! Empire he's Bryan Alvarez! 

The gang sits down and breaks it down with Bryan on a number of topics including:

-TONS of wrestling news

-(The Rise & Fall of the) WWE Network

-The rumored destination of the WWE Network!

-Cranky Vince and is he the WikiLeaks of wrestling?

-WrestleMania 29


-Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio as a tag team

-Rey Mysterio today

-WrestleMania 29

-WTF is happening with TNA?

-Does Konnan watch fishing and golf on TV

-Carny folk

-First time Konnan met "Macho Man" Randy Savage

-WWE booking

-CM Punk

-Criticsm of wrestling journalists

-Vince Russo

-The great Death of WCW book by Bryan Alvarez

-Konnan has some AFTER DARK paranormal questions

-Art Bell

-Is it Kurt Bauer or Court Bauer?

-The old eYada days

-Konnan tries to get some free stuff

Plus YOUR questions answered by Konnan! Yes, we jump knee deep into the mailbag. Don't forget to hit us with more questions at

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