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Sep 17, 2012

MLW Radio is at full capacity as Writer/Producer and former WWE Creative Executive Court Bauer returns after a few weeks away from the show joined along with Konnan & Saint Laurent.

The gang catches up on what's cracking in the world of wrestling and beyond. And then some:

-Konnan and his "Jungle Love"

-Court Bauer speaks on Michael Hayes & John Laurinaitis

-Kurt Angle and Konnan awkwardness over FLOWERS down in Mexico

-WWE's philosophy on house show operations

-AAA's approach to their house show business

-Court talks about his new TV pilot and… EASTBOUND & DOWN season 4 update!

-Jerry Lawler

-Playing with fire with wrestlers and their health

-A lesson Court learned from booking Funk, Lawler & Abdullah the Butcher in MLW


-Ric Flair & Dolph Ziggler 

-Bret Hart and the Hart Family

-TNA today

-Super Porky tales  ~!

-Saint Laurent and his peculiar viewing habits

-Mexico riots

-A proposed WCW lucha feeder system?!

-Shane McMahon leaving WWE


***And a VERY special song at the end of show***

Plus… YOUR mailbag questions!  And hey - don't be left out, e-mail your questions for Konnan, Court and Saint-Laurent and the crew will get on them. 

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