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Sep 21, 2012

MLW Radio is back with your weekly dose of the realness. This week Konnan, Saint Laurent and Court Bauer chop it up speaking on:

-The real story behind the John Cena's injury drama

-Vince McMahon's frame of mind on Cena moving forward

-Who would the MLW Radio gang pick to be the next big WWE star

-Setting up AAA's future stars

-Konnan's anti-fat aroma

-More WWE backstage heat with Sin Cara

-Women in WWE

-AAA's next few weeks of creative

-Konnan's take on the hot emerging star El Hijo De Rey Misterio

-AAA's new TV series and the vision for it

-What the crew is watching on TV

-Mexican culture's impact in other countries

-Konnan and Unidentified Standing Objects

-The Moon Landing Conspiracy  

-Konnan's time serving in the military and conspiracies abound! 

-Where Konnan got his big break into wrestling

-Court Bauer's take on David Lagana and is Michael Hayes racist?

-Never before heard stories about MLW working with WWE

-What WCW broadcasters were a dick

-Court & Mene Gene Okerland story

-Hector Garza in WCW

-Was there static between Konnan and Mexican talent while in WCW

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