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Nov 12, 2012

The countdown to show numero 50 is underway with.. show #47! Konnan & Saint Laurent are back in the saddle talking about several items:

-Rey Mysterio's latest update on how Sin Cara is doing.

-Konnan explains chonchón and prison life to Saint Laurent.

-Scott Hall's game with the ladies.

-Vince shows emotion for first time ever.

-Kevin Nash vs. Konnan's twitter war

-Konnan's experience wrestling One Man Gang for the WCW U.S. Title.

-The truth behind Konnan being blamed for a referee's death in Mexico.

-How many trios matches are choreographed ?

-Does AAA have agents? And who are they and what's their role?

-Konnan's thoughts on the new AAA Fusion TV series.

-Are Dr. Wagner Jr. & Extreme Tiger leaving AAA?

-Super Porky is a legit bad ass that fucks people up. Konnan speaks on it.

-Konnan's memories of his WCW debut.

-Where in the world is Super Calo?

-Why isn't lucha as influential in the US as it once was given its previous success?

-Who is mentoring Sin Cara?

-Minorities in WWE

-What 1990s booker pushed minorities more than his contemporaries?

-Saint Laurent's experience with antisemitism and having HORNS on his head?

-Konnan explains his last name and why it's Ashenoff.

-The NBA 2013 season tips off. Konnan & Saint Laurent break it all down.

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