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Nov 18, 2012

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It's the Thanksgiving episode of MLW Radio! On this week's show: 

-Konnan has an emergency!

-The time Vince McMahon committed INVISIBLE SUICIDE.

-WTF happened when Vince allegedly exposed himself in a tanning salon in Boca Raton, FL.

-When shit goes down and you as a promoter/booker have to deal with the consequences in an emergency.

-The time Terry Funk, Steve Corino & Court nearly got arrested! 

-What did Terry Funk give opponents to get through 60 minute matches back in the Amarillo territory?

-The woes of being a promoter and booker.

-Madison Avenue's take on Pro Wrestling in 2012.

-Court's dealings with video game publisher Take 2 Interactive and how they nearly acquired MLW.

-Is Shane McMahon as image conscious as Vince McMahon & Stephanie Levesque?

-Fritz Von Erich's abusive relationship towards his children.

-The plight of multi-generational families and living in their fathers' shadows.

-What type of personality it takes to often be successful in wrestling.

-Memories of wrestling on Thanksgiving

-"Making love to the toilet with your ass"

-WHY WWE books their Christmas/New Years TVs where they do.

-SCOOP DE JOUR on the state of the WWE Network and what happened to the people they hired for the department.

-Who owns the rights to the WAR GAMES concept?

-What Court's connects within WWE are saying Vince's frame of mind is about business post presidential election.

-What's the blowback from scaling back the WWE Network project.

-What MLW match did Dusty Rhodes get hot at Court over for not booking him in?

-The night Terry Funk might've cut his best promo ever.

-How will history view Vince McMahon?

-Is WWE the next Star Wars property to be sold to a big media conglomerate? IF so, which one is a great candidate?

-Being an entrepeneur and the realities of it in wrestling and outside of it.

-Has Court ever seen Vince McMahon CRY?

-What really happened between Dave Bautista and Booker T during the SummerSlam photo shoot fight.

-How did Court link up with the Samoans

-The latest on Dave Bautista's next fight

-Does Saint Laurent miss wrestling? 

-How did Saint Laurent get his start in wrestling?

-Hepatitis in pro wrestling.

-The time Undertaker lost his shit over John Laurinaitis' incompetence.

-What kind of experience does one need to be the head of WWE's Talent Relations department?

-Should Disney get into pro wrestling?

-Why doesn't Madison Avenue want a piece of wrestling?

-What type of sponsors have eluded Vince McMahon his entire career and WHY.

-The woes of convincing advertisers to sponsor a wrestling promotion.

-What video game company nearly bought MLW in 2003? 

-Has Court ever considered doing a documentary on pro wrestling?

-Plus questions answered from!

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