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Dec 6, 2012


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It's part 2 of our bookers roundtable discussion with award winning booker Gabe Sapolsky of Dragon Gate/EVOLVE, former WWE Creative Executive/MLW booker Court Bauer, AAA booker Konnan and I Believe Wrestling booker Mister Saint Laurent.

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Topics dicussed on this week's show include… 

-Booking vs. being on a writing team. What's the difference?

-Should Gabe consider an opportunity with WWE on creative?

-Gabe shares Paul Heyman's advice on joining the WWE Creative team

-Court shares Gary Hart's point of view on the WCW creative team from the late 80s/early 90s

-Writing for a specific talent.

-Building chemistry with talent and getting assigned to work with them exclusively in WWE

-Who worked specifically with Batista at WWE from creative?

-Battling burn out and fatigue as a booker.

-When talent pulls 11th hour stuff and it causes creative headaches.

-Konnan & Gabe negotiate a talent situation on the air for AAA and Dragon Gate/Evolve!     

-Konnan asks Gabe what talent he should look at for AAA bookings in 2013.

-The time Cornette and Konnan almost battled on the mic in ROH.

-Corino vs. Homicide where Corino lost his hair in ROH and who's idea it was.

-Sabu returning to ECW and the vibe backstage right before that moment. 

-Issues with Low Ki and how he's matured over the years.

-Those times when you go online and see angles and finishes pop up on web sites.

-Blowback from AAA office about Konnan talking openly about creative plans.

-Gabe joining Paul Heyman in TNA and what Heyman's administrative and creative plans were. 

-The REAL story behind Paul Heyman and Dixie Carter at TNA.

-Was Paul Heyman going to fire everyone at TNA?

-What current major WWE stars did he Heyman envision for his version of TNA.

-What major match) did Heyman have penciled in for TNA

-Konnan shares a story about how he recommended Gabe for a gig at TNA. 

-Favorite ECW angle for Gabe.

-Fascinating note on the first ever match between Dreamer and Raven in ECW that ECW die hards will love to know.

-Rey vs. Psicosis in ECW

-The time the Brusie Bros nearly jumped Gabe backstage at ECW.  

-How did Paul treat Gabe for the first 6 months at ECW.

-The difference between Dragon Gate and EVOLVE

-Traits you look for when scouting talent.

-Jeff Hardy behind the scenes at WWE and TNA

-Hardys and their fans

-Talent depth issues today.

-How the business has changed in the development of talent.

-Fit Finlay's incredible value and contributions as a teacher in the ring.

-Does Gabe push guys hard out of the gates knowing WWE is going to sign them away?

-Booking and handling independent talent knowing that WWE can and will sign them away.

-Ricky Steamboat working with CM Punk & Samoa Joe

-Transitioning talent from the indy world to the big stage.

-The current generation of talent and what they are influenced by - for better or for worse.

-The value of in-ring teachers today.

-What's the preferred methodology for composing your booking concepts for Konnan, Court & Gabe.

-The climate of the WWE's writers room and how counter intuitive it was to the creative process.

-Gary Hart's creative environment. #IranianTobacco

-Konnan makes some cryptic AAA to U.S. comments!

-How did Gabe find CM Punk?

-MLW and ROH wars!

-ECW backstage brawl stories

-A scandalous Cranky Vince allegation by Gabe!

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