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Mar 10, 2013

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WWF/WCW/TNA writer/producer/agent Ed Ferrara and ex WWE head writer Alex Greenfield (@AlexDGreenfield) break down writing for WWE/WWF, WCW dysfunction, working with Vince McMahon and SOOOO much more!

HEADS UP: There is a BONUS SESSION at the tale end of the show. Make sure to stay tuned at the end for an epic cliffhanger!

Some of the topics discussed on this edition of bookers roundtable include:

-Greeny and Ed compare the WWF system of the 1990s versus that of the WWE of the 2000s.

-Kevin Nash and Konnan recently sat down. Yes. Really. Listen allll the way to the end to get a nugget on this “meeting.”

-Konnan has a power meeting!

-The dark days when WWF was being destroyed by WCW and how bad had it got in Stamford.

-What lead to Ed being hired by Vince McMahon.

-How Ed got over with Vince McMahon.

-The Monday Night Wars!

-The time DX invaded WCW at the Scope in Virginia and the perception of that moment.

-The crushing time a young Konnan asked Dick Murdoch for an autograph? #PoorChuck

-How fans learning the insides of the business changed how wrestling produces blading and more!

-Ed talks about the rude awakening upon entering WCW and learning how dysfunctional it was.

-The wild weekend where Russo & Ferrara jumped from WWF to WCW

-Ferrara’s falling out with Vince Russo in WCW and how and why it happened.

-What’s Vince Russo up to nowadays?

-How did Vince McMahon react to hearing Ferrara and Russo were leaving WWE for WCW?

-What was Stephanie Levesque-McMahon like in the late 1990s sitting in on WWF booking meetings?

-Ed discusses getting buried by people for his booking and his legacy in wrestling. 

-Konnan diplomatically discusses Terry Taylor. Wait. No he doesn’t! #Realtalk

-Was it a mistake to add Smackdown to the weekly schedule in the late 1990s?

-What did Vince McMahon do to Russo & Ferrara’s scripts?  Get specifics for the first time.

-The erratic decision making by Turner Broadcasting’s standards and practices

-Eric Bischoff tries to get his head around “peeling my potatoes”

-Bill Busch. Eric Bischoff’s replacement and how that further put WCW in a bad way.

-The frustrations of dealing with WCW talent and their bad attitudes and how it hindered turning the company around.

-Who was on the WCW booking committee?

-How Kevin Nash saved Ed Ferrara in the treacherous WCW booking committee meetings.

-What went down behind the scenes the weekend Chris Benoit won the WCW Title upon Kevin Sullivan getting the book in WCW.

-Konnan explains the YETI to Ed!

-Why Saint Laurent said what he said about Colt Cabana leading to the infamous “dick comment.

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