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Mar 17, 2013

We come back in hard and fast with round 2 with our boy Ed Ferrara, WWF/WCW/TNA writer/producer/agent/all around good guy. 

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Topics discussed include:

-What’s the difference between writing for sketch comedy and pro wrestling?

-Uncle Zeb/Dutch Mantell tales.

-Zeb and Archie Bunker. Need I say more?

-Should teachers have guns in the classroom?

-What’s Ed doing nowadays?

-What WWE wrestlers could do improv?

-Ed’s secret super power is revealed and used for the first time ever!

-The tragic disappearance of the carney sideshow scene.

-Konnan shares a story about the time he went to a ghetto Mexican carnival.

-Konnan asks Ed if he's seen something called "Zero 30 Dark" (anyone know what is?)

-Working with Ken Anderson in TNA. 

-Who is funny behind the scenes at TNA?

-Working in TNA creative.  What is the process like?

-What’s it like working for Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff as the head of creative at TNA?

-Ed talks about TNA releasing him.  Was he the victim of the Hogan/Bischoff regime change?

-Vince Russo leaving TNA and some insight what was going on behind the scenes.

-Let’s pull back the curtain behind TNA creative. Shall we? Former TNA writer/producer takes us inside TNA’s production meetings!

-Working with Hogan and Bischoff in WCW versus TNA.

-What is the TNA creative process like from conception to execution?

-Arn Anderson and Pedro Morales are awesome men and cool drinking buddies.

-The Jack Swagger/Zeb Tea Party angle.

-DRONES. Are Ed, Konnan and St Laurent for against them? #Skynet

-Konnan shares the story on catching up with Kevin Nash.

-Teddy Hart crashes a $150,000 Jaguar!!!!!

-Konnan talks a bit about The Hart Dynasty show #2 behind the scenes.

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