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Mar 24, 2013

Konnan! Court! Saint Laurent! The crew reunites like Voltron all up in this podcast! 

Topics discussed:

-WCW Spring Break!

-The time WWE's Road Dogg just about got jumped by a gang of Puerto Ricans at spring break 

-Lita performing at TripleMania back in the day

-AAA Rey de Reyes

-Atmosphere is EVERYTHING in pro wrestling.

-PLUS presents featuring your questions and our answers!

-TripleMania 2013's main event

-AAA's brand split and new TV shows and what the strategy moving forward for the split roster and shows.

-Is Saint Laurent a ginger? K-Dawg and Court break it down for MSL. The GINGER REVEALED is revealed!

-Do Mexican cartels get involved with Lucha companies like the Yakuza does with Japanese wrestling?

-Luchadores have a run in with a Mexican cartel.

-TNA's low rent World Cup tournament

-The origins of the 6 sided ring and who created it.

-The strategy behind AAA's usage of the 6 sided ring.

-TNA's Talent Relations Department in disarray!

-If TNA had properly handled work visas, who would've Konnan sent to represent AAA in the beleaguered World Cup pay-per-view taping.

-Kharma and several other female wrestlers turning down TNA for a PPV booking. What's the crew thing about this?

-Will Jeremy Borash stop by the show at some point?

-"WCW Catering Talk" back in the day.

-WWE Network update

-Could a AAA network work in Mexico?

-The modernization of Mexico as an emerging economy.

-How has the Wrestling Observer Newsletter changed over the years?

-Where does Court read the Wrestling Observer Newsletter?

-What's going with the Observer being delivered in fancy envelopes now?  

-Shaking hands in wrestling

-Who helped Court get in good when starting at WWE?

-Who did Eddie Guerrero push for Konnan to shake hands with ASAP.

-Vince shutting down people bringing up Randy Savage during meetings.

-The Macho Man-Stephanie McMahon rumor.

-Konnan travels dangerously close to the Iraq border!!!

-Larry Zbyszko rocking a dutch boy hairstyle?

-Alundra Blayze dropping a WWE title in the garbage on a live WCW Nitro.

-Hardbody Harrison and A lex Wright's throwdown at a WCW taping.

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