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Mar 31, 2013

90 minutes of REAL TALK with Konnan! Court Bauer! Mister Saint Laurent brought to you by! Visit the #1 wrestling shirt destination online for officially licensed Bruiser Brody & Zero-1 shirts as well as dozens of classic and crazy wrestling-centric threads!

Topics discussed on this episode:

-Can Sin Cara be effective as a drawing card if he were leave WWE and go to TNA or to a Lucha promotion? 

-Konnan & Court breakdown Easter for MSL!

-Konnan speaks on Sin Cara and the strategy WWE should’ve employed when launching him!

-Alberto Del Rio as a babyface and the issues WWE is having with him.

-The latest from inside WWE Creative on their frustrations with the Del Rio babyface run and who they shockingly blame! (No, it’s not themselves)

-Eddie Guerrero breaking out at WWE and how it all came together.

-What WWE’s Latin talent strategy after Eddie died.

-The first time Mistico was pitched to Vince.

-Del Rio vs. Rey & Eddie getting over.

-Latino writers/producers lacking in WWE. 

-An extraordinary discussion about racism at the senior executive level at WWE. 

-The shocking “a gimmick vs. a gimmick” term a WWE employee used to describe a black wrestler vs. another black wrestler. Yes, really.

-What’s the latest on Rey Mysterio? Konnan speaks on this!

-Rey Mysterio: What’s his future in WWE? Will WWE cut ties? Will they sign him to a legends deal and limit his dates? 

-What kind of business could Rey Mysterio do if he were to leave WWE and go to a Mexican promotion?

-A surprising gimmick Eddie Guerrero almost did back in the day.

-The time WCW almost gave Konnan the Ricky Ricardo gimmick. Yes. Really. #ILoveLucy #Boom

-Who created the Johnny B. Badd gimmick?

-What?! Johnny B. Badd isn’t black?

-The Road to WrestleMania! Is the gang feeling it?

-Utilizing Rock and Brock better on WWE programming. Konnan & Court break it down.

-TNA dudes staying at Mister Saint Laurent’s crib during TNA tapings.

-What’s the deal with giving prisoners 200 years for a prison term???? The gang speculates. Likely wrong but still… they speculate!

-The time Fonzie made arena lights explode in MLW and ended up in the hospital due to blood loss.

-MSL’s top Florida indy wrestling prospects!

-What’s the latest on Scott Hall’s son Cody Hall’s pursuit of a career in wrestling? MSL checks in with the realness. 

-What does K-dawg think of Bestia 666?

-Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theories and Larry Zbyszko’s bitterness!

-K-Dawg talks about working on the classic movie Ready 2 Rumble.

-Wrestlers Court! No, not Court Bauer… but there is a JUDGE KONNAN!

-Kevin Nash dropping Big Show on his head during a botched powerbomb back in the day in WCW. Konnan takes us behind the scenes in the aftermath of the move!

-Scott Steiner a 2pac guy? #CaliforniaLove?

-Wrestlers’ taste in music!

-El Generico in WWE developmental

-MSL brings the awkward silence!

-Behind the scenes of the beef between the 4 Horsemen and the NWO clique. Plus a Mongo McMichael story!

-Why does WWE creative 

-Who did Court pitch ideas to? 

-The hit Netflix show House of Cards compared to working in the hyper political WWE Creative division.

-How did Paul Heyman conduct himself in pitching Vince and why did problems arise?

-A former WWE writer allegedly opening a WWE Hall of Famer’s paycheck to find out what he’s making – BEHIND HIS BACK!

-Why do Americans blade horizontally and why do Mexicans blade vertically? Konnan tries to explain it all. 

-The first time Konnan bladed. 

-Blood in wrestling today and the hepatitis scare. The gang speaks on this!

-Konnan’s take on the Big Bully incident at a TNA event a few weeks back.

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