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Apr 14, 2013

Twitter intervention goes down plus 90 minutes of real talk with AAA's matchmaker, a former WWE Executive and TV producer… and Mister Saint Laurent!

Some topics include:

-Working with Pat Patterson in the early 1990s.

-How hard it is being gay in pro wrestling

-Konnan in magenta… spandex… with tassels. BOOM.

-Vince’s impression of what Playgirl was.

-Vito in a dress and why his pushed really stopped

-The real reason why WWE never tendered a contract extension to the Dudleys and why WWE never was a reality when their TNA deals recently expired.

-Big Vito tries to friend Konnan on Facebook and LinkedIn!

-What MLW family member invited Big Vito to their wedding reception?

-Vito taking liberties with young wrestlers in the ring.

-Tales of bullies in wrestling

-Konnan and Court speak on WWE hiring telenovela writers.

-Who is writing Zeb Colter’s stuff?

-Konnan saves a child from a creepy Mexican carnival in magenta spandex!

-Googling Konnan 

-DJ Snow White

-Which of the 7 dwarfs is K-Dawg? And WHO is SNOW WHITE?

-Konnan hits up a gay cinema. HUH?

-Mr. Saint Laurent is… IN LOVE!!!

-Court tries to explain Lord of the Rings to Konnan.

-Game of Thrones nerdom ensues!

-A movie called “ARGOS”?

-Saint Laurent’s Twitter etiquette

-Is the story about Vince McMahon trying to KILL Court true?

-Eastbound & Down: Season 4 update!

-What would it take to change TNA for the better?

-Is TNA a step down?

-Saint Laurent takes us behind the scenes of Guns N Roses!

-Shane McMahon’s departure from WWE and the McMahon family dynamic. with your questions – sponsored by! Visit featuring officially licensed merchandise from Bruiser Brody and Zero-1 Pro-Wrestling as well as dozens of crazy and awesome wrestling threads – all for under $20!

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