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Apr 22, 2013

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Part 1 of a 2 part conversation features:

-Sean Waltman tearing his anus TWICE

-The scary health issues Konnan has endured

-The time Konnan crossed the border with a catheter in his penis

-Scott Hall's recovery from hip surgery

-A Juventud Guerrera story from Mexico

-Marijuana as an anti-depressant

-Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels backstage at WWF circa 1991.

-Waltman attempting suicide in Mexico

-The notorious AAA backstage fight with Juventud Guerrera.

-Waltman compares AAA to his days in WWE/WCW

-Waltman as an illegal immigrant in Mexico and what he observed living in Mexico for a few years.

-What does being under a WWE Legends contract really mean?

-"Larry WHO?"

-Waltman on treatment for Hepatitis C and getting cured.

-One more run for X-Pac in WWE?

-Waltman on Vince McMahon

-Waltman leaving WWF for WCW in the mid 1990s during the Monday Night Wars.

-Was Waltman being punished by the WWF office for Hall and Nash jumping to WCW?

-Who set the deal in motion for Hall and Nash to jump to WCW? A short story NEVER told before.

-Lex Luger breaking Waltman's NECK.

-The time the bleachers broke at a major arena at the height of the NWO.

-What was Hall & Nash's reaction to X-Pac being fired by Bischoff?

-Waltman shifting the balance jumping back to WWE after WrestleMania 14 and joining Degeneration X.

-Waltman's first and arguably most memorable promo back with WWF in 1998 at the RAW after WrestleMania 14.

-Reconnecting with Eric Bischoff circa 2002 when Bischoff signed with WWE.

-Vince Russo jumping to WCW and how it affected WWF backstage… or did it?

-Doing the Bronco Buster moving forward. Will Waltman do it?

-Wrestling Teddy Hart and the issues that come up from time to time.

-The philosophy of passing along the in-ring knowledge. Selfish or sharing and what do others in the business think on this?

-Konnan has an emergency call from the AAA offices!!!

-HHH taking over for Vince McMahon.

-Scripting vs the old school method of presenting talent. Does WWE's current rigid approeach work?

-What would Waltman like changed to the wrestling end of WWE's operations?

-Does X-Pac think Konnan can get away with rocking a mango suit?

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