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Apr 29, 2013

Round 2 with "X-Pac" Sean Waltman talking politics, wrestling and a lot more! Follow Waltman (@TheRealXPac) on Twitter!

Topics include:

-Who has Waltman seen at WWE/NXT has potential to be future stars? 

-The 3 top wrestlers Waltman has been in the ring with.

-Waltman defines what he believes wrestling psychology is at its core.

-Crazy highspots in wrestling compared to how TV/Film handles wild stunts.    

-WWE reimagining violent WWF Attitude Era spots for use in the WWE '13 video game.

-The wrestler's frame of mind on chairshots and other violent spots today versus back in the day.

-Sean Waltman's life altering event that lead him to being clean and sober.

-What's the most enjoyable thing for Sean since he's come back into the WWE fold?

-Chris Benoit

-"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig

-Bobby Duncum Jr.

-Somas backstage at WCW

-Big E. Langston

-Pee Wee Anderson    

-El Generico

-The crazy RAW after WrestleMania

-The psyche of a wrestler

-The various drugs in wrestling and Konnan and Sean's experiences with them. 

-What's life like today for Sean?

-Could WWE bring back a few territories down the road?

-IF Waltman went back to WWE, what would he envision as his role with WWE

-The relatively new WWE policies on unprotected chairshots to the head.

-What's X-Pac's favorite TV shows/networks right now?

-Wicked Tuna!

-Has Sean Waltman experienced neurological issues from chairshots to the head?

-The impact of doing spots through tables.

-Konnan powerbombing Cibernetico and the dangerous injury that occurred. 

-K-Dawg and X-Pac on RON PAUL?!

-Sean Waltman on gun control

-Do Luchadores carry guns in Mexico?

-The time a Steiner Brother pulled a gun on X-Pac

-The Steiner weapon arsenal

-Raven's poor shoe

-Konnan explains the Fast & Furious scandal to MSL.

-Is the 1-2-3 Kid cool with Obama?

-Konnan marvels at the Choom Gang

-Konnan explains his theory on why marijuana is banned in the United States. Do you buy it? Tweet us.

-William Randolph Hearst!

-"Smedley Butler"!!!

-Violence's influence on selling pro wrestling today versus years ago.

-How did Vince McMahon handle Waltman getting a concussion in the 1990s.

-Is the art of wrestling becoming a lost art?

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