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May 6, 2013

This week Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent are joined by the Blue Meanie to talk about his journey and the documentary Barbed Wire City!

Follow Blue Meanie on twitter @ TheeBlueMeanie and check out the ECW documentary available at:


Topics discussed on this podcast include:

-The Twitter war between K-Dawg & MSL wages on!

-Meanie and MSL try to explain Netflix to Konnan.

-Blue Meanie in Dan Severn's TRAINING CAMP?!

-Were there hard feelings within the nWo about the bWo parodying them?

-WWE, WCW and TNA's policy on arriving early to the arena…. and SIGNING IN?

-Johnny Ace's sign-in MACHINE and dick prints!

-WCW executive Gary Juster

-The generous ladies that helped out behind the scenes at ECW.

-Meanie's journey from Al Snow's school to ECW

-Konnan touring abroad with DDP and some Mexican minis.

-Bizarre characters Paul Heyman conceived that never saw the light of day (thank god)

-JBL potato'ing Blue Meanie at the 2005 ECW One Night Stand. What's the backstory?   

-HIGH STAKES HIGH DRAMA meeting the Blue Meanie had with Vince McMahon and HHH over the JBL incident.


-The origins of the Blue Meanie character

-New Jack backstage brawls

-Terry Funk/Cactus Jack setting a fan on fire 

-Konnan insists on an erotic memory featuring Blue Meanie naked. With his legs crossed. On a couch. (WTF)

-The time Blue Meanie shot an ECW promo in a park. Naked.

-The 3 most out of hand guys in the ECW locker room.

-Gimmicking The Sandman's singapore cane.

-Konnan asking Sandman not to drink before their match

-Getting hit with the Singapore cane

-Balls Mahoney

-The lost art of dance offs in wrestling

-Jumping from ECW to WWF in the late 1990s

-The booking process with Paul Heyman 

-Dating and co-promoting shows with Jasmin St. Claire (aka BEETLEJUIC) 

-Konnan and "Wasted Tomatos"

-What is Blue Meanie up to nowadays?

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