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May 13, 2013

Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent are back! This week the Compton G and the Mango Kid are joined by TV producer and co-owner of Masked Republic Kevin Kleinrock talking about a new project called VIVA L.A. LUCHA!

Visit Masked Republic at: www.MaskedRepublic and follow them on twitter @ MaskedRepublic!

Topics discussed on this podcast include:

-Getting his start in the wrestling business and what creative luminary did he break in with?

-Rob Black

-Working with ECW and Paul Heyman on a west coast expansion.

-Crazy stories from the XPW days.

-XPW invading the ECW pay-per-view in Los Angeles in 2000.

-Did XPW try to disrupt ECW's pay-per-view feed?

-The BRAWL during the ECW PPV between ECW and XPW wrestlers!

-Who paid Sabu's legal fees when Paul Heyman sued him? 

-The day the government raided Extreme Associates' offices

-The Government vs. Rob Black

-Who is Judge Jeff Jones?

-Pitching MTV on a wrestling show.

-The RANCID Wrestling Federation?!!!!

-Behind the scenes of Wrestling Society X

-How much was the budget for the MTV pilot? You will be STUNNED.


-Kevin's new Lucha Libre Kickstarter project VIVA L.A. LUCHA!

-MTV Tres and AAA

-Slammers University in SoCal


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