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May 19, 2013

Rapid-fire mailbag questions. Almost 140 questions asked and answered! We're lying. But we do answer a LOT of your questions! Send in your questions to!


Topics discussed on this podcast include:

-Will AAA come to NY when it expands to the U.S.?

-Konnan's favorite lucha masks

-Would an all cruiserweight show work on the WWE Network? 

-Konnan's thoughts on the Rey vs Eddie feud involving Rey's son Dominic

-Jeff Jarrett's run compared to Jake "the Snake" Roberts' run in AAA

-Konnan tries to mooch free Nike merch from a listener that works at Nike!

-Ultimate Warrior stories!

-K-Dawg teaching Bret Hart the sharpshooter

-Putting the WWE Title on The Rock: was it good business?

-Is Vince McMahon a great booker or just a great promoter/brand man?

-Thoughts on Tyson Kidd

-WWE creative team compensation.

-MSL on the WWE creative team???

-Konnan in XPW

-Who is Tom Byron?

-Konnan and MSL talk male porn stars. Umm. Ok. What the…

-A current TNA star buys gay porn

-What's the drug scene in Mexico like

-Why is Rey wearing a top nowadays in the ring? Is it because of an unapproved tattoo?

-Ernest "the Cat" Miller and Buff Bagwell

-What happened to catch phrases and hand gestures?

-Konnan traveling through Canada

-Who the $%!@ is Larry Zbyszko? (Can you believe some asked this question?)

-Would Konnan have a threesome with overweight women… for a million dollars?

-An update on the @CrankyVince twitter account

-The perks of being a champion today in the U.S. and Mexico

-Pay days for a Mexican champion - you might be surprised.

-What's the difference between L.A. Park and La Parka?

-Going to IRAN with Rob Van Dam


-Konnan vs Cien Caras in a retirement match in AAA with the Mexican President present fo it?

-Why did Konnan want to do the retirement angle?

-Konnan playing video games

-Donkey Kong!

-Origins of running the ropes 

-The LAW podcast!

-Konnan brianstorms about a new segment on the show

-There's a KISS podcast? Really?

-Psicosis is down with PANTERA. What?

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