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May 25, 2013

Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent are back talking the latest news in and out of pro wrestling and then the gang is joined by former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion "Hurricane" Gregory Shane Helms! Follow Helms on Twitter @ShaneHelmsCom and check out his podcast Highway 2 Helms at:

Topics on this edition of MLW Radio:

-Saint Laurent explains the M7Diet he created to Konnan. Check out the M7 Diet at

-NFL and WWE having a working relationship

-Curtis Axel. WTF?

-Konnan plays the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us!?!

-The origins of Carlos Espada and CHARLES ASHENOFF

-WWE's strategy with owning their superstars name

-HHH angle at the end of RAW

-The latest hot twitter handle: @BodyGuyLito. Check it out!

-Dealing with Internet Wrestling Community trolls

-AAA TripleMania XXI  update on the event production and the matches!

-Why were the AAA tag team titles vacated?

-What Americans are coming in for TripleMania XXI from TNA?

-Who is coming in to AAA from Puerto Rico?

-What does Helms like and not like about the WWE product now?

-WrestleMania 29 and the RAW after WrestleMania

-Jeff Katz

-Geeks running Hollywood

-Helms on Fatherhood  

-Who came up with the 3 Count gimmick in WCW

-WCW screw-ups!

-What's Shannon Moore up to these days?

-What's Evan Karagias doing?

-Tank Abbott

-Pills in WCW

-What got Helms into drinking?

-Being stranded in Texas on tour with WWE during the 9/11 attacks

-The time Helms got arrested with Chris Jericho. 

-Marcus Alexander Bagwell

-Doing shots with Michael Hayes and the Undertaker and where that led young Gregory Helms.

-Helms wrestling for Lucha Libre USA

-Americanizing Lucha Libre

-Helms in AAA in the future?

-Helms take on WWE today.

-Is a return to WWE a goal for Helms?

-Rey Mysterio

-Making a Green Lantern movie

-Casting Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

-Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

-Star Trek

-Can you be into both Star Wars AND Star Trek. K-Dawg, Helms and MSL debate!

-Iron Man 3 and the Mandarin controversy

-Changing the race or sex of a comic book character when adapting a comic book for the big screen.

-The Ghost Rider movie!

-The Punisher movie! 

-The Avengers movie!

-What comics did MSL read?

-The Silver Surfer

-1980s Spider-Man cartoons

-What pisses off Helms about the old Hulk cartoon?

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