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Jun 16, 2013

Court Bauer and MSL pre-game it on TripleMania 21, tmovies, video games, WWE & more!

Topics discussed:

-What McMahon written script did Chris Jericho crumple up and toss away?

-A melancholy Mister Saint Laurent ponders life without Larry Zybszko as a roomy

-The Morning Call story on Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Saint Laurent's CRAZZZZY Snuka rumor 

-Man of Steel!

-Mister Saint Laurent's erotic movie going experience

-PS4 vs. Xbox One

-Mister Saint Laurent's weird logic on what video games he plays and which ones he won't - and why.

-When can we expect K-Dawg back on the podcast?

-WWE Monday Night RAW

-The rise and woes of Curtis Axel

-How Court and Saint Laurent watch RAW

-How and why WWE writers are streched thin and where is the focus of the creative team based on Vince's philosophy.

-"Shadowing" at WWE Creative

-Working with talent on scripted promos at WWE.

-The time Court kicked Saint Laurent out of the backstage area.

-When will The Shield break up and how should it go down?

-Wrestling stables and factions in wrestling


-Wrestling gear etiquette

-Scott Steiner in catering

-Weight classes in WWE?

-Mister Saint Laurent explains how to watch an iPPV on your TV using your laptop.

-Using for iPPVs

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