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Jul 15, 2013

As the summer heats up AAA matchmaker Konnan, TV producer/former WWE executive Court Bauer and Canada's Mister Saint Laurent are back with the real and weird.

Topics discussed on this episode:

-AAA's youth movement and w ho is in the mix and what's the game plan.

-AAA's TV taping from last weekend

-What does Konnan look for in talent attitude wise?

-Aaron Hernandez 

-Monterrey show this past week featuring tons of American wrestlers

-WWL at TripleMania 21: was the owner sloshed during the show?

-Who was going to originally be in LAX?

-The crew breaks down Silva vs "Weed Man" and UFC 162

-Was the fight a work? Did Silva throw the fight?

-Boxers vs. MMA fighters

-What would draw for UFC at Cowboys Stadium?

-Konnan lost in Iran on the 4th of July and crashes a few parties  

-Sunny doing appearances where fans can pay to take pictures in bed with her?

-Teddy Hart turns up on a celebrity gossip site

-What is bubble f#cking? 

-Konnan shares some emails he's received

-Konnan imagines what the future has in store for the  Yet-tie and Sunny

-Paula Deen!

-Court explains Martha Stewart to Konnan

-Anthony Weiner

-Food Network shows and personalities


-Hawaii Life 

-Konnan's dating advice for women in wrestling

-How messed up were guys backstage at WCW Bash at the Beach shows?

-The Nitro Girls!

-What's the motive behind booking SO many divas at TV tapings and house shows? 

-And we answer YOUR questions!

-The proper way to say "NWO 4 Life"

-Pros and cons of partnering with a Japanese company on talent exchanges.

-Baba era All Japan vs. Muto era All Japan

-Who is the biggest shit stirred we've been around in the business?

-How politically correct is too politically correct?

Intro and outro music: IFHY by Tyler the Creator 

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