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Aug 5, 2013

Before hitting the beach, fire up a sizzling summer edition of MLW Radio with Court, Konnan and MSL.

Topics discussed on this episode:

-The time Konnan wrestled in a Jewish Star of Death Cage Match

-What talent would Court use if he was running a promotion today?

-What's the origins of the NWO name and is Hogan a member of the illuminati or a member of the Freemasons?

-Sylvan and The Gay Eye

-Melina working the writers at WWE

-Horny WWE writers and Divas

-AAA opereating any American-based lucha libre schools?

-When will they merge the WWE and World Titles?

-What music is the gang listening to these days?

-Saint Laurent's friend is in jail

-Does WWE own the rights to wrestlers' gear after they leave WWE?

-Saint Laurent explains the band Phish to K-Dawg

-Will MSL:CSI open up a case on the Dolphin1925 guy on Reddit?

-What are the legal ramifications (if any) facing the guy leaking stuff to Reddit? 

-How does WWE handle leaks?

-What was the crew's favorite cars?

-What's the difference between a nerd and a geek?

-Saint Laurent as Isis the Amazon's Kimchee??

-Konnan as Kurrgan's handler

-Jason Powell and

-Pet peeves

-The time Court Bauer took a bump off of Afa the Wild Samoan's toilet

-The time a guy shit in a Hardy Boyz' bed (#boom)

-Lex Luger the power talker

-Konnan finally connects with Scott Hall… on Twitter!

-Was Samoa Joe supposed to be Umaga?

-Rosey/Super Hero in Training and what is he doing nowadays?

-Court makes a cameo on RAW back in the day   

-Alberto Del Rio's Lucha background

-The mysterious death of Abismo Negro and what happened to the search for Abismo Negro 2?

-Court in Terry Funk's book

-A crazy Terry Funk MLW booking idea

-Legion of Doom in MLW?

-Legion of Doom 2005 with Heidenreich

-Road Warrior Animal the Leather Daddy of Smackdown?

-Smackdown's Village People of babyfaces 

-Vince's word

-What's the deal with wrestlers cheating on their girls while on the road?


-Was Hulk Hogan a jerk for not putting over Billy Kidman the right way in WCW?

-Thoughts on Sean O'haire

-Much, much more!

Intro music: Coconut Girl by Brother Noland

Outro music: Wipeout by The Fat Boys

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