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Aug 19, 2013

Get ready to be burned for 120 minutes of the realness as Court, Konnan and MSL go uncut and uncensored with a very special late night edition of MLW Radio LIVE!

Topics discussed on this episode:

-SummerSlam 2013 is in the books and Kurt, Konnan and Thunderbolt break it all down!

-Did WWE do the right thing with Orton going over Bryan?

-Is the PG Era the reason behind the Inferno Match's lame finish? 

-The time Court pitches a G1 style King of the Ring tournament to Vince

-It's Court's birthday… and a gift from Juvi?

-Shawn Michaels' strange attire at SummerSlam

-Illegally streaming pay-per-views

-AAA's Friday night TV taping

-A former WWE writer calls in!

-An impromptu spelling bee challenge is issued!

-Has MSL finally finished moving?

-Ric Flair on the WWE 2K14 panel this weekend 

-Court's take on Dolphin1925

-AAA next supershow Heroes Inmortales 2013

-Konnan moves his furniture and recycles his newspapers! On the air!

-Thoughts on Darren Young coming out

-MSL flirts with callers and Konnan?!

-WHO was Vince concerned would leak scripts?

-Working submissions into modern WWE wrestling matches

-MSL fantasizes about Kharma "splashing" him

-Court thinks the Bellas still look the same. WHAT????

-Konnan calls a caller a STRAWBERRY!

-Konnan in ROH

-Where are the pics of the slimmed down MSL on the M7 Diet?!

-WWE moving forward

-A heated debate about the end of SummerSlam ensues with an ex-WWE writer and no, it's not Court!

-Randy Orton is WWE Champion with 2 strikes on the Wellness Policy and the crew talks about it

-Is it a concern that CM Punk lost all of his major matches this year?

-MSL in a Crying Game situation

-Concussions in MMA

-What the %@$ is up with Tito's promo in TNA

-Thoughts on Bully Ray winning the TNA title

-YOUR calls! 

-Much, much more!

Intro and outro music: Yonkers by Tyler the Creator

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