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Aug 26, 2013

Air Tehran touches down in the land of the weird and real as Konnan, MSL and Court Bauer break down the latest drama and business in pro wrestling!

Topics discussed on this e pisode:

-What's the story on the sexy voiced mystery woman that called in on MLW Radio LIVE?

-Court introduces Konnan to AXE COP

-Raven and his IQ and cock show backstage for the women

-What ECW original got Court hooked on Desperate Housewives?

-Real Sports with DDP, Jake the Snake and Scott Hall

-A new beginning to the MLW Radio podcast on the way?

-Larry Zbyszko's unwillingness to cooperate on a favor for the show

-TNA Thursday Night Thunder!

-AJ Styles' TNA contract is expiring and the various gimmicks they've lumped him with over the years.

-The guys spitball on developing AJ's personality

-What would  WWE do with AJ Styles IF they were to sign him?

-The time Big Show was almost paralyzed by a giant tranquilizer

-Mexico riots

-Konnan tasering dudes

-Would AAA take AJ Styles in a hypothetical scenario if he does not re-sign with TNA later this year?

-The drive of WWE talent compared to TNA 

-Konnan kayfabes Court on watching Real Housewives

-Kurt Angle's uncanny drive to be the best and the consequences of it

-Bubba the Insulator Guy

-Is Bubba world champion material?

-Tito Ortiz and "Ram-pidge" Jackson in TNA

-MAIN STREET MAFIA vs. Aces & Indians  

-Sin Cara's WWE demise 

-John Cena's elbow sack and did WWE send him packing the right way?

-Daniel Bryan and why he has connected with the audience

-Monday's WWE RAW

-John Cena's sad mansion

-Who if anyone will Paul Heyman throw at CM Punk next?

-WWE's bizarro booking of Del Rio in Anaheim

-Puerto Ricans playing a Mexican gimmick in Los Matadores. :(

-Will Rey Mysterio reinvent his in-ring style like Great Muta did in the early 2000s to extend his career?

-Who can be the next Latin high flyer in WWE?

-Having confidence and why it counts

-Court's advice for aspiring WWE writers that go in to interview at WWE

-Total Divas and their weak ass boyfriends

-Is WWE wrong for admonishing Ric Flair for his performance on the WWE 2K14 panel in LA

-Flair "making virgins bleed" 

-Naitch strutting on the top of a bar

-Stephanie McMahon's approach to managing

-What's the climate like in Mexican locker rooms when it comes to wrestlers that are out. Is it an issue or non-issue?

-Orlando Jordan and why he was fired from WWE

-Darren Young

-What's the extent of Fenix's injuries? When will Fenix be back in the ring and WHERE?

-Why is Halloween gone from Perros del Mal?

-WWL running Mexico

-Where is Alberto Del Rio's little brother working now after being released from WWE?

-Shahs of Sunset season 3 exclusive news!

-NFL 2013-2014 talk

-Trapping a Yet-tie

-3 Stooges    

-Plus much, much more!

Intro & outro music: Ya Know by Odd Future feat. the Internet

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