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Sep 22, 2013

Court and Konnan jump back into the scandalous business of pro wrestling. Where oh where is Mister Saint Laurent? Find out!

Topics discussed on this episode: 


-Konnan crashes Dave Meltzer's Saturday night and spends the night kicking it with him at Meltzer's crib

-The origins of the term DIRT SHEET

-Zane Bresloff

-Dave Meltzer's ATOMIC DOG? 

-CMLL's 80th Anniversary 

-The future of CMLL

-Konnan explains scoring boxing to Court

-Frustrations with the final season of Dexter

-What's the deal with Riddick Bowe beefing with K-Dawg on Twitter?

-Court gets humbled in his return to jiu jitsu

-Are the Carters looking to sell TNA? 

-WWE RAW and the Dusty Rhodes angle

-Konnan's first match in a long time

-Update on MSL's health

-Dusty's version of the backstory on the polka dot gimmick in the WWF

-Dusty's early days in the business



-The GAY EYE pops up on RAW

-Paul Heyman and Ryback's sexual tension

-Daddy Mizanin

-Total Divas mid-season finale… or whatever it is called

-Court and Konnan call each other closeted Republicans!

-Konnan talks about Jeremy Borash

-Plus MUCH more!

Intro and outro music: Sam (is dead) by Odd Future

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