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Sep 3, 2014

Konnan, Court Bauer and Maurice St Laurent are back for VIP only MLW Radio Extra podcast. On this show, the trio talk:
  • Creepy Ric Flair moments
  • K-Dawgg drinks like a dog!
  • Charlotte to be called up
  • Chances of Court booking again
  • State of the Divas division in WWE
  • Logistics of Lucha Underground and AAA taping the same weekends
  • Court goes to a horse show?
    Presenting yourself as a star
    Konnan struggles to keep his shit together when toking
    Macho Man confronting the Jerry Only at a Misfits concert over Gorgeous George
  • The Cube that has the numbers on it
  • Maven is Konnan’s nephew
  • Why wasn’t Josh Mathews pushed in WWE
  • Hugo Savinovich’s work for AAA
  • Would Jim Ross go back to WWE?
  • Is Maurice really training Eddie Guerrero’s daughter?
Got questions for Court, Konnan and/or Maurice?  Send them to: