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Mar 14, 2013

AAA is coming to the United States - and BEYOND.

On the heels of the news that the biggest Hispanic wrestling organization in the world is expanding to the United States, Konnan and the returning Court Bauer sit down to break it down.

Topics include:

-The players behind the scenes with the AAA deal.

-Where will the AAA offices be based out of?

-Who is John Fogelman?

-What is FactoryMade?

-What does Starlight Runner do and who have they worked with? 

-What is the big picture strategy

-When will AAA action hit American arenas?

-WTF is transmedia?!

-How does the El Rey Network factor in?

-AAA's history of promoting in the U.S.

-What this means to Konnan and his career   

Plus so much more discussed in this special BREAKING NEWS edition of MLW Radio.

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