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Jul 20, 2014

From Las Vegas to the 619 to across the street from the WWE Performance Center, Disco Inferno Glenn Gilbertti, Konnan and MSL bring the realness and even a little sing-a-long! 


On this episode the 3  talk:


-Konnan is considering suing WWE!

-Billy Kidman's new gig at WWE

-Sabu's ring music

-Who is friends with Mike "Simon Dean/Nova" Bucci on Facebook? 

-WWA show in Las Vegas

-Nathan Jones

-Jeff Jarrett booking

-AAA video game

-Konnan's unprofessional commentary

-Keith from New Mexico! 

-Early Rowdy Roddy in the WWF LIVE

-MSL explains Eyada to Konnan

-Chael Sonnen in wrestling?  


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