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Nov 26, 2012


*MLW Radio is the official podcast of Major League Wrestling*

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Konnan returns to chop it up with Saint Laurent and Court Bauer on everything from pro wrestling to sports to a few confessions. 

-The Konnan hotline kayfabe phone line.

-What did the gang do for Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

-Konnan's major wardrobe malfunctions wearing robot themed attire.  

-The future of wrestling and the pay per views revenue stream.

-WTF is with TNA wrestling in movie theatres?

-Jake "the Snake" Roberts' wild times in Mexico during the mid 1990s.

-What major WWE star babysay Jake the Snake in AAA?

-What did Jake the Snake Roberts do with his pay from losing his hair in Mexico?

-What happened when Jake's wife caught him with Sensational Sherri Martel down in Mexico?

-Some talk on AAA's last major show of the year - Guerra de Titanes!

-The backstory on the new Octagon Jr. and how it effects Samuray Del Sol in the U.S. for Dragon Gate USA moving forward!

-What is the scoop with Jeff Jarrett on the next AAA show?

-Vampiro and his hair and make-up and Konnan & Court's battles with Vamp over how he presents himself.

-What does Vanilla Ice have in common with Vampiro?

-Gary Coleman gimmicking his hat for a guitar shot?!

-Dealing with Raven and what would make him difficult to work with.

-Raven swinging his dick around backstage at wrestling shows… and other places.

-Randy Orton pulling his cock out in front of writers backstage at WWE shows.

-Ribbing newcomers in companies.

-Court shares a cautionary tale about why you NEVER hang with Superfly Jimmy Snuka towards the end of the night of partying.

-What happens when Samoans fight Samoans?

-Konnan's ecological concerns about overweight people having sex together.

-Does Saint Laurent look like Action Bronson? You tell us.

-Things the gang does to amuse themselves.

-Good hearted ribbing versus malicious ribbing and where Konnan & Court stand on the subject.

-What rib did Court play on Big Dick Johnson?

-What's Big Dick Johnson up to nowadays?

-Shane McMahon's strenghts and weaknesses behind the scenes.

-What real talk did Konnan drop on Paul E at the height of WCW and WWE raiding his talent in the 90s?

-WWE-ECW and who shares the blame for its failure.

-Did Stephanie ever watch WCW or ECW in the 90s?

-What was Vince's mandate on ECW when it was starting back up and WHO tried to sabotage it from the jump?

-Paul Heyman's frame of mind in his last weeks of his 2006's run.

-What was Paul Heyman's final day like back in 2006 after his falling out with WWE?

-Konnan makes a confession.


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