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Sep 9, 2013

The social media war between Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent heats up as MSL confronts Konnan about making good on his promise plus a WHOLE lot more!

Topics discussed on this episode: 

-What's the origins of the Konnan name?

-Will Konnan ever follow MSL?

-Konnan's impression of John Cena 

-Shawn Michaels  

-Paul London & Brian Kendrick

-The time Jeff Hardy and Konnan got lost in IRAN leaving the Impact Zone in Orlando

-MSL attends an arcade convention?

-The time Konnan got between Hulk Hogan and Macho man backstage at TNA.

-Shane McMahon's crazy big ideas while at WWE

-Vince Russo's early 2000s (brief) return to WWE

-Konnan and Court's opinion of Prince Devitt

-Steve Miller Band!

-The time Paul Heyman's WWE assistant told John Cena he didn't have any street cred.

-Matt Striker signing with WWE back in 2005

-Why doesn't SPIKE TV do TNA Wrestling marathons?

-More analysis on TNA's struggles

-Court compares Stephanie to Shane McMahon

-Who at WWE hired Dusty Rhodes in 2006?

-The time the Filthy Animals buried Ric Flair in the desert

-The Wonderful Mr Wonderstone

-Is there room for a viable #2 wrestling promotion in the U.S.?

-The lifestyle of the luchadores in WCW during the Monday Night Wars

-The debauchery that occurred at the WCW Worldwide-Disney tapings

-The 2005 planned revitalization of the WWE Cruiserweight division and what happened?

-Why didn't Juventud or Psicosis wear masks when they debuted in WWE like Rey Mysterio? 

-How do offices deal with leaks?

-Did Court or Konnan ever have doubts about their goals and dreams in pro wrestling?  What about MSL?

-Diversity in wrestling and what AAA is looking for when it expands to the U.S.?

-What's the difference between a geek and a nerd?

-Did Max Moon's costume stink?

-Konnan-One Man Gang drama?

-Plus much, much more!

Intro and outro music: GMO (feat. Beth Gibbons) by JJ DOOM

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