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Apr 29, 2013

Round 2 with "X-Pac" Sean Waltman talking politics, wrestling and a lot more! Follow Waltman (@TheRealXPac) on Twitter!

Topics include:

-Who has Waltman seen at WWE/NXT has potential to be future stars? 

-The 3 top wrestlers Waltman has been in the ring with.

-Waltman defines what he believes wrestling psychology is at...

Apr 22, 2013

This episode of MLW Radio is brought to you by: Support us by supporting our sponsor!

Follow Sean "X-Pac" Waltman on Twitter @TheRealXPac.

Part 1 of a 2 part conversation features:

-Sean Waltman tearing his anus TWICE

-The scary health issues Konnan has endured

-The time Konnan...

Apr 14, 2013

Twitter intervention goes down plus 90 minutes of real talk with AAA's matchmaker, a former WWE Executive and TV producer… and Mister Saint Laurent!

Some topics include:

-Working with Pat Patterson in the early 1990s.

-How hard it is being gay in pro wrestling

-Konnan in magenta… spandex… with tassels....

Apr 8, 2013

LIVE from the heart of NYC in the shadow of WrestleMania 29 comes MLW Radio LIVE! That's right, it's the first ever live session with a former WWE Creative Executive, the current AAA matchmaker and Lucha Libre powerbroker and indy booker/promoter/talent/Ginger Gorilla!  PLUS… YOUR CALLS! 

Let's get weird without a net...