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Jan 31, 2014

It's MSL's birthday so what better way to bring in his 31st year than a session with Alice Radley? On this episode, the two discuss depth perception, take on your questions and what would Alice cook for MSL and of course relationships!

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Jan 29, 2014

John Pollock of Live Audio Wrestling and Court Bauer from MLW Radio return from their hiatus with a packed show:

**Matt Hardy arrest from Jan. 1 becoming public 

**CM Punk goes home prior to Raw Monday night

**Source of some of Punk's frustrations 

**How this could change WrestleMania plans

**One of the biggest...

Jan 29, 2014

Konnan, Court Bauer and MSL are back with a VIP exclusive MLW Radio podcast. On this episode, the guys talk: the origins of Mister Saint Laurent name, Ultimo Dragon, Chris Benoit on WWE Network, Vince vs. GOD, Morphoplex, rehabbing talent after bad booking, David Louganis is a stooge, WAR GAMES and as always, what is...

Jan 26, 2014

What happens when Court and Konnan team up and take on NYC? Find out as Court Bauer returns to the show. Plus, AAA has meetings in New York! Court and Konnan spend an afternoon on a hotel bed. WHAT? MSL survives a DRIVE BY SHOOTING! Need we say more?

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Jan 24, 2014

MSL and Alice Radley are back to examine if golden showers are a sign of dominance? Will MSL ever get married? Who the fuck is Jack Klugman? Find out the answers to these questions and much, much more right NOW!

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