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Jul 31, 2014

Alex Greenfield and MSL are back to talk SummerSlam, booking Brock as the WWE champion, RAW, TNA, Buff Bagwell softballs, WWE booking and a whole lot more ice in a rock glass full of Jack Daniels! 


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Jul 30, 2014

Konnan and MSL discuss Disco Inferno's secret origins and run in WCW with the man himself! Pick up where Friday's podcast left off and get weird and real with the MLW gang!


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Jul 28, 2014

John Pollock of the Fight Network and Court Bauer talk about the breaking news involving TNA and Spike TV. Are the vultures circling?  

Jul 27, 2014

Second generation luchador El Hijo del Fantasma of AAA talks his journey from CMLL to AAA as one of today's top rudos - plus YOUR questions from the mailbag!


-What's the experience like when you tryout for Arena Mexico/CMLL?

-What triggered Fantasma’s jump from CMLL to AAA?

-Saying goodbye to Paco...

Jul 26, 2014

The Good Brothers give an update from the middle of the G1 live from a Sendai hotel room to talk shop on:

  • What happened when Terry Funk crossed paths with Doc Gallows in WWE?
  • Standing nude while looking out hotels in Japan
  • Japanese beer vs American beer
  • Sex Ferguson and Machine Gun answer YOUR questions!
  • Plus, the good...