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Oct 31, 2014

Kevin Sullivan is back with Mister Saint Laurent to answer YOUR questions. In this episode, Kevin and MSL answer questions sent by fans to and it's a helluva deal!

How would Kevin feel about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Should WWE bring back enhancement matches?

Kevin also talks about his...

Oct 31, 2014

Konnan and Court Bauer talk the Lucha Underground series premiere, AAA and take on YOUR CALLS!

Oct 30, 2014

John Pollock and Court Bauer are back chatting about a busy day in WWE news:

--The WWE third quarter financial results

--The updated WWE Network subscriber number and what it means

--More changes to the structure of the network subscription plan

--A free month of the network being offered in November 

--The impact...

Oct 29, 2014

Konnan and Court Bauer are back with an epic Lucha Underground preview before tonight’s series premiere.  Plus, the two review Mike Tyson Mysteries, a promise is made regarding MSL's Diva mystery and the guys take your questions from the mailbag!

Got a question? Send it in to:

Oct 26, 2014

While the CDC investigates MSL’s illness, Konnan and Court Bauer keep it 100 and talk:
  • Hell in a Cell
  • After what Hugo Savinovich said… what’s the latest with Rey Mysterioa leaving WWE?
  • Awkward WWE Mexico City press conference 
  • The struggles people have endured as immigrants coming to the United States
  • What is...