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Jun 28, 2015

Konnan and Court stage an intervention and try to help Maurice up his game, RAW, booking Brock as a babyface, Lana as a babyface act, Ring of Honor vs TNA, Jeff Jarrett returns to TNA, the YETI gets a cable TV deal? 

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Jun 27, 2015

The good brothers celebrate their 1 year anniversary with a special session with Finn Balor. 

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Jun 26, 2015

Kevin Sullivan is back with Mister Saint Laurent to cover the second hour of the June 10, 1996 episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

Kevin and MSL talk about WCW's mentality when it came to announcing pay-per-view matches far in advance and Kevin explains the orders WCW was given from high up in the Turner tower. They also...

Jun 25, 2015

Konnan and Court Bauer are back with the realness on Jeff Jarrett/TNA/Destination America… and Global Force Wrestling drama. Also, what’s up with Hernandez on TNA?  And WTF is up with Borash’s creepy bug eyes?  Ze Vainglorious Basterds are coming armed with the truth bombs. 

Jun 24, 2015

John Pollock and Court Bauer discuss the rumors surrounding Jeff Jarrett’s latest endeavors, Wednesday Night Frenemies, Lucha Underground, WWE The Beast in the East special, SummerSlam weekend, PWG BOLA, Buddy Landel, TripleMania 2015, Aldo vs McGregor in jeopardy and more!