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Jan 25, 2017

MSL & Court are back talking Ric Flair honored with statue, Jim Cornette action figure, NJPW FantasticaMania, Royal Rumble plus your questions from!

Jan 23, 2017

It's a MYSTERY episode!*

*Farmer forgot to send a description.

Jan 19, 2017

Learn about the beginning of the January 4th Tokyo Dome era, the WCW, CMLL & TNA relationships, Inoki's near destruction of the company, MMA vs Pro Wrestling, the NJPW Santa Monica dojo, never told Muto vs Flair story, ROH, their 2017 expansion into the US and what does the "G1" in G1 Climax...

Jan 16, 2017

This week Matt and Jeremey take a look at WWE's UK tournament, upcoming UK promotion 5 Star Wrestling, Seattle's Defy debut and ROH relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling!

Jan 11, 2017

MSL and Court Bauer are back to talk the NJPW Exodus: one year later, is ROH an incubator for NJPW?, WWE returning to MSG soon, AAA making big plans for later this year and a TON more including your questions!