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May 29, 2014

Court Bauer and John Pollock are back this week discussing:

-WWE in Chicago this weekend for Payback
-The promotional build for the monthly specials on the network thus far
-The changes that could be implemented for the WWE Network to grow
-Broadening the appeal of the network and creating more destination viewing 
-The time WWF gave away a house and the time they didn't give away $1,000,000
-The thin main event picture in the WWE currently
-Jim Ross makes his boxing commentary debut
-WrestleMania 22 in Chicago
-Mick Foley's reaction to Triple H's entrance at that year's 'Mania in Chicago
-His show at the House of Blues in Chicago this Saturday
-TNA adds three more television tapings for the Manhattan Center this summer
-Playing with the formula on Impact Wrestling 
-Update on the Ring of Honor pay-per-view and availabilty for Canadians
-Court's memories of Judgment Day 2005 when he was on the writing
-Riding shotgun with Vince McMahon in downtown Minneapolis
-A legendary manager backstage at that show 
-Mad Men Season 7 and lots more

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