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Sep 24, 2014

John Pollock of The LAW and Court Bauer are back to chat all the week's news including:

  • The WWE's reaction to Wrestling Society X in 2007
  • Going head to head with ECW on Sci-Fi
  • The WWE's relationship with MTV
  • The launch of Sunday Night Heat in 1998 on the USA Network
  • The difference in the television appetite for WWE at that time
  • The switch to Viacom when Heat was put on MTV
  • The status of Bound for Glory
  • Bobby Lashley being advertised for the show
  • CMLL's anniversary card from this past weekend at Arena Mexico
  • The main event between Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero
  • Roman Reigns is out and the depth issues in the company
  • Introducting new talent as compared to rehabbing talent on the main roster
  • NJPW's status with Ustream
  • Promotion looking at doing traditional pay-per-view next year  
  • Raw ratings and if it has any impact on network subscribers
  • Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman not on Raw, direction for Hell in a Cell and more

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