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Oct 1, 2012

You got questions, Konnan has answers!

Topics discussed:

-Who is the kinkiest woman in wrestling?

-Why is Mexico a paranormal hotbed?


-The tragic event behind Pentagon's paralysis and what Pentagon is up to today

-Tanya Harding!

-Why didn't Nicho's brother, Fobia, break out as a major star?

-Whatever happened to Thunderbird?

-Big October 12 Tijuana show with former WWE stars! 

-Melina injured!

-Saint Laurent butchers luchador names

-Static with luchadors over Konnan's booking and change of the presentation of the AAA product.

-The restrictive old school rules of the MEXICAN Title

-Mexico's old school commission and how they regulated the business.

-The woes of following AAA/lucha libre in the U.S. on TV

-'99 Tijuana Mask vs Mask match back story on Rey Mysterio Jr vs Psicosis and the commission

-A Vampiro story from back in the day

-What damaged Mistico's aura in Mexico

-Wrestler/fan relationship

-Konnan's 25 year long hatred of NFL Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett

-MICRO Konnan?!

-Chris Hero and other Gringos in Mexico

-Konnan match that turns into a shoot!

-AAA toy figures in the U.S.

-Why weren't Konnan and Rey Mysterio part of the WCW invasion of WWE

-Vince Russo

-Botchamania video with Lex Luger continuing a match with an injured Konnan. 

-Kevin Nash scheming during NWO days.

-Sting backstage during WCW/NWO days.

-Konnan Lunchables

-Lex Luger stories

-NWO Black & White and Wolfpack odd couples and politics

-What was up with "Macho Man" Randy Savage in WCW? (really, does anyone know?)

-Boxing talk on Mexican Independence Day fights  

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