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Oct 8, 2012

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On this episode, Konnan & Mister Saint Laurent check in on:

-A guest bails on the show! 

-A #MLW Radio shirt?

-Cool wrestling shirts

-Scott Hall forcing people to wear funked out old T-shirts

-WWE RAW ratings woes

-Lucha strippers gimmicks

-Latin Lover

-Konnan 2000?


-Would Tensai destroy RYBACK in a shoot over "STHUPID!" comment during RAW match?

-Del Rio pulling up Sin Cara's mask on RAW? CSI: Konnan investigates.

-Konnan talks about his recent trip to Mexico for AAA

-AAA's upswing in business

-The next big AAA show

-Blowback from Konnan talking about AAA booking and what's gotten him in hot water

-Is Konnan leaking information?! #HEAT

-LuchaBlog gets poor old Konnan in trouble. Sort of.

-Konnan explains Dr. Lucha Steve Sims to Saint Laurent

-A MLW Radio FAN SHOW podcast?

-TNA office bitching about the MLW Radio podcast

-TNA office reading the Torch

-Konnan on Heyman contributing creatively in WWE's 2012 product.

-Would Konnan go back to TNA?

-Lex Luger and his FUBU gear

-Konnan dressing like a bum

-Street ball

-WHO would Konnan book in his own start-up promotion?

-Matches Konnan has had that turned into shoots 

-Mil Mascaras match gone bad

-WWE and Linda McMahon's senatorial run

-Who is the NICEST person Konnan has ever met in pro wrestling?

-Who is the most HORRIBLE person Konnan has ever met in pro wrestling?

-Konnan's Disco Inferno Facebook feud

-Konnan speaks on Eric Bischoff

-WCW Hog/Road Wild

-Leaving ECW for WCW and how it went down.

-What Paul Heyman did that pissed off Konnan.

-Reflecting on Ravishing Rick Rude

-"Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig ribs

-WCW cliques

-Konnan's involvement in LOW RIDER MAGAZINE

-Rumors about DDP and Eric Bischoff's wife

-Mene Gene's Burgers

-Scott Steiner and Ric Flair's WCW beef

-Best workers Konnan has ever been in the ring with.

-MONGO McMichael

-Wrestling Sandman in ECW

-Does Konnan prefer the 6 sided ring or the 4 sided ring?

-Electroshock and Charly Manson shooting on each other?!

-Plus much, much more!


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