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Oct 13, 2012

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On this episode, Konnan & Mister Saint Laurent check in on:

-CSI: Konnan examines CM Punk-Fan incident

-Konnan's recent incident with a fan in Mexico

-Court, Gary Hart and Low Ki in a near riot where a cop pulled his gun?!

-KonnanNN Breaking News on when the Hulk Hogan sex tape was actually filmed!

-Tats and piercings

-Will MVP return to WWE? If so… WHEN?

-MVP's throwdown with a top WWE executive

-MVP's take on CM Punk's '12-'13 push

-What WWE Hall of Famer saved Punk from getting buried in the WWE heap?

-Ken Kennedy's demise at WWE and Kennedy's relationship with Randy Orton

-Major booking plans for Ken Kennedy that were scrapped.

-The mystery of Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat

-MVP's negative experiences on former WWE Senior VP of Creative Brian Gewirtz

-KonnaNN BREAKING NEWS: MVP to host a new TV series?

-Best. WWE. Diva. Asses. MVP highlights his top prospects.

-Eve and Vince McMahon

-Konnan interrogates MVP about mingling with WWE Divas

-Konnan asks MVP what WWE diva begged for the Muscle?

-WWE's Signature Pharmacy scandal

-MVP cornering Dave Bautista for his MMA debut

-MVP explains the post fight beef between Bautista and Vince Lucero

-Will Dave Bautista fight again in a MMA cage or a steel cage? MVP hooks it with some insight

-What Dave Bautista is looking to do next

-What UFC main eventer kicked Bautista in the head?

-What did Bautista do with his big MMA debut payday? You might be stunned!

-MVP using Spanish in Prison and negotiating between the various prison gangs

-Is there a way to beat the WWE drug testing?

-MVP's take on WWE's internal shake up 

-MVP attending Rosenberg of Hot 97's wedding

-Did Cranky Vince reveal his true identity last Monday? Saint Laurent shares his Cranky Vince theory about WHO is behind. MVP & Bauer give their take.

-The changes happening at New Japan

-Tensai's WWE run vs. Giant Bernard's New Japan run

-Konnan wrestling Chris Benoit in New Japan

-New Japan house show style matches

-MVP and Konnan static?!

-Does MVP (or anyone) watch TNA?

-Norman Smiley: international diplomat extroadinare!

-Konnan looks for a new TV buddy to enjoy Sons of Anarchy with!

-Best rapper backstage at WWE

-What MONSTER heel in WWE writes poetry?!

-What WWE wrestler joined MVP at Rosenberg of Hot 97's wedding? 

-Plus much, much more!


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