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Oct 19, 2012

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On this episode, Konnan, Court Bauer & Mister Saint Laurent check in on:

-Konnan's comeback to WWE in the mid 2000s and what the creative was and WHO it involved!

-Who iced Konnan's mid 2000s return to WWE?

-What happened when Eddie Guerrero went to bat for Konnan in WWE? What did Hunter say?!

-Court confronts Konnan on his sweet mango suit.

-Update on Hector Garza's health

-How is MistiCLONE doing in CMLL

-Intel from backstage on why RAW was a cluster on Monday.

-WHAT'S the story on the Paul Heyman vs. Vince McMahon backstage skit that aired on Monday.

-Vince's philosophy on pushing guys that catch on.

-CSI: KONNAN has analyzed footage of Del Rio unmasking Sin Cara. Was it intentional? Konnan files his report.

-The origins of the NWO Wolfpack song.

-What's Konnan's thoughts on Shelly Martinez and Hector Guerrero?

-Do WWE writers have input on talent signing.

-What's the real story behind "Creative having nothing to do for you?"

-What's the WWE Talent Relations department look like now?

-Court Bauer running WWE developmental almost happened… and why it didn't.

-Court details working with Jo  hn Laurinaitis and why he was inept as the head of talent relations.

-Why didn't anyone make a move and try and take Laurinaitis' job.

-What positions did Court have an interest in pursuing while at WWE.

-What did Hunter and Stephanie think of John Laurinaitis

-What 80s sitcom character did WWE executives compare Laurinaitis to?

-Who are the most bitter former WWE superstars?

-Saint Laurent explains the band Local H to Konnan.

-What modern day WWE angles involving CM Punk, Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero did Konnan provide WWE talent with? 

-Konnan talks about how he ended up in Ring Of Honor and why it didn't work out.

-Should wrestlers stay in character on Twitter?

-Konnan's experience wrestling Ric Flair for the WCW United States Title and what was weird about it.

-Who is the biggest bigot in wrestling?

-Where is Michael Hayes originally from?

-What does Vince McMahon really sound like after he's had too much scotch. You might be surprised.

-Konnan's take on Terry Taylor.

-Getting briefed on the booking plans in WCW for your character.

-Plus much, much more!


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