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Oct 28, 2012

It's the Great Scarecrow, Charlie Brown! HUH? What? On this Halloween special episode of MLW Radio, Konnan, Court Bauer & Mister Saint Laurent check in on Halloween, wrestling and...

-Konnan reminsces about being a SCARECROW

-Halloween pranks back in the day.

-Konnan's schemes to swipe candy as a trick or treater.

-Mister Saint Laurent's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea track premieres!

-Konnan talks about his mischief doing TNA commentary en Espanol with Moody Jack back in the day.

-Konnan talks about discovering Wikipedia

-Konnan explains his full-time return to the ring.

-Konnan's health and how that factors into his comeback.

-Konnan's frame of mind on enduring AAA's schedule for his 2013 comeback.

-Will Konnan be a technico or rudo when he returns in 2013?

-Court Bauer explains Ric Flair's WWE retirement angle and what Ric's frame of mind on being a heel or face for it was.

-The truth about Teddy Hart no-showing AAA and the consequnces.

-Court finally saw TripleMania XX and he gives his thoughts.

-Cranky Konnan vs. Cranky Vince on Twitter

-Chinese Tension Balls

-Christopher Daniels' controversial Dirty Sanchez

-The secret of THE GOLDEN DRAGON is revealed.

-The Dungeon of Doom and what that was all about in WCW.

-King Curtis Iaukea doing acid while booking and developing his promos.

-How is Rey Mysterio regarded in Mexico today

-Rey Mysterio's legacy

-The McMahon family's philosophy on masked wrestlers dating back to the 1950s and why they have never pushed masked guys up to Rey Mysterio's WWE run.

-Rey's issues with promos

-Chris Benoit doing comedy and promos in WWE.

-Why did WWE wait to bring in Rey Mysterio after they acquired WCW?

-Does anyone involved with WCW's demise realize their contributions to the death of the company?

-What's AAA's philosphy on booking so few singles matches?

-Konnan's favorite matches of his career.

-What match did Konnan refuse to do? And what was the blowback from refusing to do the match?

-Did Court Bauer ever hear Vince talk about Dave Meltzer?

-Vince McMahon's issues with feeling persecuted by the media.

-Who might be the next RAW General Manager? 

-What happened to the managers in WWE? And why should the role be reintroduced.

-Konnan & Court book their own Hell in a Cell Punk-Ryback finish. questions answered!

-Plus much, much more!


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