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Dec 3, 2012


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MLW Radio drops its 50th episode with part 1 of a 2 part bookers roundtable discussion. For the first time ever we get some of the top minds in booking in the same room to chop it up about their unique jobs, journeys and yes, their beefs.

The panel includes:

*Gabe Sapolsky: Our guest is the current booker of Dragon Gate USA & EVOLVE and is the co-founder of Ring of Honor. Follow him @BookitGabe and On December 8, EVOLVE will be on iPPV via with Johnny Gargano vs. Sami Callihan and much more!

*Konnan: AAA booker and one of Lucha Libre's preminent minds. When not booking, Konnan can be found flying high on Air Iran powered by Iranian Tobacco. #boom

*Court Bauer: Former WWE Creative Executive and Major League Wrestling (MLW) founder and booker. Today Court works as a producer and brand developer in MMA & TV.

*Mister Saint Laurent: Booking independent wrestling since he was a teenager, Saint Laurent is currently overseeing the creative for Orlando, Florida based I BELIEVE IN WRESTLING. 

Some of the topics on part 1 of this epic podcast include:

-Relationship with the wrestling media and newsletters.

-The booking lifestyle

-How the booking lifestyle changes when you become a parent.

-Being in a bubble when booking.

-Getting in the zone to book and be creative.

-Fertile environments for being creative.

-Promotion wars

-How bookers mature with age.

-The ego of being a booker.

-Court and Gabe talk for the first time since 2004.

-Konnan's time in Ring of Honor and what happened behind behind the scenes leading into it.

-How booking is such a unique position within wrestling compared to other jobs in the business.

-Developing and working with talent.

-The neurotic ways of talent and how a booker has to work with them.

-The stress of running a wrestling operation and micro-managing the entire show. 

-Booker pet peeves

-Handling talent and their input on matches and the big picture.

-Talent knowing their role in the ring and as part of a show.

-Talent that takes a booker's rejection of an angle personally.

-Personal feelings in the wrestling business blinding you from doing business the right way.

-Mistakes made as young bookers in the game.

-Talent that lashes out privately and publicly blaming Gabe for their own struggles

-Discovering talent and taking a bow for it.

-Dealing with Low Ki

-Gabe explains Special K to Konnan and how the gimmick came to be.

-Gabe stumps the crew on a question!

-When talent has a beef and it screws up the company's plans.

-Issues with Vampiro when you're the booker

-Cibernetico and Chessman drama

-The blowback from a real-life feud in WWE and how it damaged main event plans.

-Dealing with Raven in ROH and MLW.

-Booking Raven vs CM Punk

-Dusty Rhodes paranoia about the WWE offices being bugged by Vince.

-Eric Bischoff's hotel room getting de-bugged!

-WCW checking hotel phone records to see who was stooging 

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