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Dec 17, 2012


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It's a scramble as Konnan takes on all of your questions including:

-How do you determine the value of a payday for a wrestler losing his mask in lucha libre?

-What masks are worth the most right now in lucha libre? And how much would their masks go for today if they lost them.

-Konnan working for Carlos Colon's WWC and the rival IW A Puerto Rico group.

-Working for Carlos Colon

-What Puerto Rican group did Saint Laurent work for?!

-Konnan's thoughts on Mistico 2's progress in CMLL

-What's the difference in making big money in US versus Mexico?

-Saint Laurent gives an update on his Cranky Vince detective work

-Konnan on Tony "Jobronie" Schiavone in WCW

-Konnan giving TNA a receipt for poor treatment during TNA play-by-play en Espanol!

-Konnan reminisces about his time in Australia… and Juvi getting arrested. Oh boy.

-Konnan's fights with Eric Bischoff

-How much should a Pay-Per-View cost today?

-Whose idea was it to do the Filthy Animal stable in WCW?

-The backstory on the LWO

-Konnan cutting a promo on Paul Heyman in front of the crowd in ECW about never working with a wrestler again.

-If AAA came to America, would there be an American-English product?

-What happened with El Zorro?

-Who is the next guy from Mexico WWE might go after?

-Konnan talks about Brian Pillman nearly going to AAA during the Loose Cannon angle and why it didn't happen.

-The pay structure of Mexico and how the process works.

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