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Dec 21, 2012


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HO! HO! HO!  The stockings are hung, the Christmas tree is lit, Larry is rocking his Christmas thong… It's Christmas Eve and the gang is all together to celebrate the holiday together! With plenty of spiked egg nog! 

Topics on this week's show include… 

-A friend of the show stops by for a few minutes to talk brownies, Mr. Perfect, thongs, Santa and more!

-Vince McMahon & Linda… Hogan?!

-Konnan is bewildered by the state of college bowl business.

-Gordon Solie drinks like a MUTHA

-Dusty Rhodes' obsession with Louis Vuitton

-The time Court got called into the princple's office by Stephanie McMahon Levesque and WHY it happened

-A young Konnan's innocence is robbed as he witnesses 2 wrestlers talking behind an arena back in the late 70s.

-First time Konnan saw someone blade as a fan

-Simon Diamond sleeps with his dog?

-World Wrestling All Star crazy road stories and RACES!

-Freebirds peeing on people back in the day.

-Dynamite pissing on a WWE Hall of Famer's leg?!

-Harley Race is a bad ass.

-Filipino JUNGLE LOVE.

-UFC fighter breaks his penis.

-Saint Laurent cooks in the nude. Really. Why? We try and find out.

-Konnan & Court talk about Homeland's season finale and the strengths and weaknesses of the writing.

-Saint Laurent's quirks.

-WWE's double standard on engaging talent that have worked for TNA and how Ric Flair's recent appearance factors into it.

-Vince McMahon's philosophy and legal matters.

-The story on Scott Steiner awkwardly dropping Konnan on his head and shoulders during a Steiner Screwdriver.

-Dealing with Scott Steiner during the WCW Monday Nitro days.

-Did WWE breakdown and discredit Court like they do outside talent given his past in pro wrestling.

-The story behind why Vince BANNED Ric Flair from cutting live promos on WWE TV.

-What former WWE/TNA writer does Konnan consider a TEDDY BEAR?

-What member of the Hogan family did Stephanie Levesque McMahon HATE?

-Brian Christopher vs. Buff Bagwell in a drinking contest!

-Saint Laurent's issues with Twitter.

-Update on Scott Hall!

-Holiday shout outs!

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