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Dec 31, 2012


It's the last show of the year!!!!  On the New Year Eve's show, we bring the realness with Colt Cabana. Follow Colt at: @ColtCabana and at and his podcast the Art of Wrestling, available on iTunes! 

*Note: There's an audio glitch from around the 20 minute mark to 27 minute mark. We apologize for this tech issue. We blame Konnan. Boom!

Topics discussed this week include:

-The Shield

-Latest on CM Punk's injury woes.

-Konnan confronts Colt Cabana about playing a Konnan hip hop song from Konnan's WCW days.

-Colt's torrid love affair with ISIS THE AMAZON?! 

-Colt calls Konnan CONAN! The whole show! #TeamKoko

-Konnan pronounces homage "O-MAJ"!

-Konnan envisions Colt's gimmick in AAA

-Colt the CABANA BOY?

-Strawberry ice cream as a sexual lubricant

-Super Porky

-The time Colt shaved Daivari's hairy butt.

-Konnan turns into a robot. LITERALLY.

-Colt Cabana's suspect Wikipedia page.

-Colt Cabana's special relationship with his mentor, the legendary Lou Thesz.

-Konnan has a MELTDOWN. No, not that kind of meltdown. You'll just have to listen.

-Colt's brother working on The Family Guy and the one time he asked his brother to hook it up.

-Colt's WWE run as Scotty Goldman

-Colt's friendship with CM Punk

-Colt's DIY mentality

-El Generico!

-Kevin Nash's booking philsophy

-Wrestlers Colt marked out for when breaking into wrestling.

-What is Colt's philosophy on dating big girls?

-The mysterious Tough Tom of Disorderly Conduct in WCW

-The 10 most jobbiest jobbers of WCW

-El Dandy's alias (according to Konnan)

-Colt & Punk doing Epic Meal Time!

-What is the deal with Colt Cabana's finger? 

-Colt's experience wrestling in Mexico

-Konnan's frustrations with enjoying a soda in Europe.

-The wonders of the bidet

-Japanese bathroom pits of DOOM

-Konnan reveals his Jewish roots! Sorta.

-Colt and the gang breakdown jewish delicacies!

-CM Punk and Konnan's conversation last year right before Money in the Bank

-TNA's feelings on Homicide talking on the microphone.

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